Gustavo Naveira & Giselle Anne

The creators of the BTF (Boulder Tango Festival), from 2010, and directors of the Boulder tango Studio.

Giselle Anne has demonstrated her abilities as a dancer and choreographer by performing in shows such as Tango Argentino, Tango Pasión, Mariano Mores, and Los Solistas de D'Arienzo. She has performed in America, Europe and Japan. During the five years of her residence in Spain , she worked intensely with tango, creating her own ballet, founding a school and inaugurating the “Casa del Tango” (Tango House) in Sevilla.

Now with 25 years of experience, the presence and solidity of her dance are balanced perfectly with the beauty of her movements, and this ensures that her dancing is always at the highest level.

It is likely that Gustavo Naveira deserves more credit for the resurgence and renewed popularity of tango (from the 1980s through today) than any other dancer/teacher/performer/choreographer.  Since discovering the dance in the early 1980s, Gustavo has worked tirelessly to bring tango to new audiences, to evolve the dance to a higher level of technique and of structural complexity, and to develop a pedagogy that makes dancing tango at a better level possible for more people.  He has also strived continuously to insure that further development of the dance be grounded in a solid historical foundation. For this reason, his dancing always has a classic look, even while he is executing the most modern and surprising steps. As early as 1999, the main Argentine newspaper Clarin stated, “you could say that three stylistic tendencies contend for supremacy [in tango]: Urquiza's style, Almagro's style and Naveira's style.”

Gustavo & Giselle met in 1995 and formed a tango couple, bringing together their already-vast experience with the dance.  Together, they have successfully performed in the most important tango festivals around the world (throughout Asia, the Americas and Europe). They have also performed in the most typical milongas and theaters in Buenos Aires and abroad. Since 2003, they have been teaching in the “tango seminar” format, a method which they created to enable students to genuinely progress in their dance.

Gustavo & Giselle continue to teach and perform worldwide, but are now based in Boulder, CO, where they founded and run the Boulder Tango Studio.  They invite dancers from all over to join them in Boulder for their yearly festival, which takes place in October each year.


Magdalena Gutierrez & Germán Ballejo

"2017 World Tango Championship in Buenos Aires, Argentina"

Magdalena and Germán have developed a style which can be defined as traditional with contemporary elements, characterized by its elegance and expressiveness, as well as by its unique musicality. In 2017 they were awarded tango’s highest recognition as 2017 Tango Salon World Champions, Buenos Aires, Argentina.  Throughout their career they have integrated important and renowned dance companies, in diverse theaters throughout Argentina and the world. They have participated in numerous international festivals, giving instruction and delivering breathtaking performances.

Magdalena Gutierrez - Magdalena is a renowned international dancer, with exquisite elegance, and an understanding of Tango that goes well beyond a performance dance. As a dancer, one can easily see how much she appreciates the embrace, the connection,  and her passion for the dance, as well as her ability to respond to the requests of her partner, without losing her artistic presence. She is a creative and musical dancer, with refined footwork. She puts her heart in each and every movement of her body. During her professional career as an artist and dancer, she performed in various tango houses in Buenos Aires including Complejo Tango, Piazzolla Tango, Gala Tango, etc.. Magdalena has been in the cast of several renowned tango shows that have been recognized worldwide. These shows include Divino Tango (Pasiones Company, touring through Spain, Italy, Greece), Tanguera (National Theatre, Argentina), Evita (South Korea), Tango Emoción (Teatro Nacional, Argentina), and Chantecler Tango (Paris, Tokyo, Teatro Alvear, Argentina). She is also a member of the “Cuadro de Jóvenes de la Academia Nacional del Tango” (Youth of the National Academy of Tango). In recent years, she performed and taught in several of the most important international tango festivals in Europe, America, and Asia.

Germán Ballejo - Germán is a young tango professional who stands out for his musical, creative, and elegant dance. With an extensive background on the stage and his love for tango salón, he is characterized as being a well rounded expressive dancer, with great acting and teaching skills. In 1995, at the age of 10, Germán attended his first dance lessons. His formative years were crucial to his present dance style as he took classes in various academic institutions, and was part of several groups of choreographic dance. This blend between the creative side of the popular dances, and the professionalism required to work on the stage, is a defining trait of his art. In 2010, he moved to Buenos Aires where he began his career as an artist and dancer working in different tango houses: Complejo Tango, Gala Tango and La Ventana. He performed in companies like Tempotango and Pasión de Tango, which gave him the opportunity to go through some of the most important stages and local theaters in Buenos Aires. In 2014, he worked for the prestigious and famous Spanish singer Julio Iglesias.


Maximiliano Alvaro Olaguibel & Paloma Berrios Rodriguez 

Teachers and dancers of Argentine Tango with 21 years of experience and knowledge in Stage and Salón tango style. Maxi and Paloma's philosophy is to inspire their students to enjoy the embrace and love for tango, promoting the connection and improvisation between couples. Their academic training includes ballet, jazz and ballroom dance. Their work and style focus on keeping the traditional tango while emphasizing the technical work to ensure clean movement. Maxi and Paloma have participated in festivals and workshops in Europe, South America, North America and Asia.

Maxi and Paloma are based in Miami, currently teach classes in Doral, Florida and organize the bi-weekly milonga, 4 Compases OUT. 


1st place World Tango Championship TAFISA 2008
Busan, South Korea

2nd place World Tango Championship 2007
Buenos Aires, Argentina

6 finals World Tango Championship
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Several first places in national competitions in Chile between 2001 and 2006.


Los Villagra

Claudio Villagra started his tango training under the guidance of his grandfather, Hector Contreras and later followed the teachings of many many world-famous Maestros Juan Carlos Copes, Virulazo, Antonio Todaro, and many others. After dancing in various tango shows in Buenos Aires, he then took his career abroad and performed in the world renowned Walter Kerr and Marquis Theaters on Broadway (where he performed for two years), The Olympia Music Hall in Paris, as well as Teatro Colón, Luna Park, Teatro Astral, and Teatro Nacional Cervantes in Buenos Aires. He also has performed at the National Auditorium and Fine Arts Theater in Mexico.

Claudio Villagra has worked with recognized tango orchestras like the Osvaldo Pugliese Orchestra, the Mariano Mores Orchestra, Sexteto Sur, El Arranque, Sexteto Mayor, Color Tango, as well as The D’Arienzo’s soloists.  And traveled the world alongside major dance companies such as Tanguera, Tango Seducción, Tango Argentino, and Forever Tango, in the latter, Claudio was the face of print media for the show.  He later produced, directed ad choreographed his own show, “Latin Tango” He has been invited as a jury member of important championships and festivals of tango around the world. In Buenos Aires, he has twice judged the final round of the Tango World Championships.

Helena Fernandez is trained in classic ballet, jazz, Ballroom Dance, Samba, and Flamenco since the age of 3.  She graduated from the Royal Academy of London in 2000, and after twenty seven years of experience, sixteen of those dedicated exclusively to tango, Helena Fernandez has become an internationally known dancer and choreographer.  She studied with teachers such as Julio Balmaceda, Roberto Herrera, Jorge Dispari, Gustavo Naveira, Gavito, Jorge Firpo, and many others. Helena also holds a degree in Physiotherapy and specializes in neurological patients; she uses these concepts when teaching.  She has danced with important orchestras such as Color Tango (Sao Paolo), Sexteto Mayor (Buenos Aires), Quinteto de Carla Algeri (Miami). She was also on tour with the Gustavo Russo Dance Company in the show “Tango in Red” in 2014, and was a jury member for semi final rounds of the Tango World Championships in Greece, Italy, and San Francisco.

Today, Claudio Villagra and Helena Fernandez form one of the most prestigious Argentine Tango dance couples and their artistic versatility allows them to interpret diverse styles, from tango salon, fantasy and traditional, to the most modern and innovative tango concepts.