La Juan D’Arienzo

Since their 2012 debut in Buenos Aires, La Juan D’Arienzo has aimed to offer listeners and dancers the characteristic music in the style of the legendary tango orchestra leader Juan D’Arienzo, who was known as the Rey del Compás, or the King of the Rhythm. The young and talented musicians not only offer the style of one of the greatest orchestras in Argentine tango history, they also bring a freshness that has been welcomed by audiences around the world.

The orchestra consists of 11 musicians: Pablo Valle on piano; Andres Santarciero on doublebass; Juan Pablo Cravenna, Sebastian Frassón, Pablo Ginzburg, and Emilio Pagano on violins; Pablo Amado, Ricardo Badaracco, Facundo Lazzari, and Oscar Yemha on bandoneóns; and Fernando Rodas, a talented singer. The orchestra is directed by the first bandoneónist, Lazzari, whose grandfather was Carlos Lazzari, the first bandoneónist and arranger for the original Juan D’Arienzo Orchestra from 1950 until 1976, when D’Arienzo passed away, and then the leader of Los Solistas de D’Arienzo.

In a very short time, La Juan D’Arienzo seduced the Buenos Aires dance scene and performed live on television and radio shows. Since 2013, they also have toured throughout Argentina. In 2014, La Juan D’Arienzo made its first international tour of Europe, winning accolades from audiences at milongas and tango festivals in Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France, and Hungary. The musicians extended their international touring in 2015, to Asia. In 2018 “ La Juan D’Arienzo” is getting ready for its first US tour which is going to take place February-March 2019 performing in cities throughout the United States.

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Rodrigo “DJ Charrua” Saraibe

Originally from Uruguay, studied sound and light engineering in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Rodrigo has been working as a sound engineer, DJ, and stage manager since 1995. He has extensive experience in Buenos Aires and Miami, Florida as a promoter of rock, tango, and theater events. Rodrigo also works with various bands and TV shows as a music designer. Rodrigo resides in Chicago, Illinois where he has been working in the integration of audio and visual arts using his sound and light design skills. As a native Uruguayan, Rodrigo began discovering his origins by exploring tango music. His passion for Tango music has lead him to acquire an extensively impressive collection of music. 

He has been a DJ in some of the most prominent milongas throughout the US and has plays festivals and marathons of national renown such as the US Tango Festival and Championship held in San Francisco CA. (2013, 2014, 2016 & 2017), Boston Tango Marathon (2014, 2015 & 2016), Chicago Tango Week (2015 & 2016), Shall We Dance Festival, NYC (2014), Florida Tango Encounter, Miami, FL (2015 & 2017), Miami Tango Weekend (2018), Cleveland Tango Bowling Marathon (2015, 2016, 2017), Seattle Tango Marathon (2016), Louisville Tango Festival (2016, 2017, 2018), Albuquerque Tango Festival (2016), Twin

 Cities Tango Marathon, Minneapolis MN (2017), Alegria Mini Tango Festival, Hartford, CT (2017 & 2018), Boston Tango Festival (2017), Pittsburg Tango Marathon (2017), Fire & Ice Tango Festival, Ann Arbor, MI, (2018), Tango USA Official Festival & Championship, San Francisco, CA (2018).

In 2019, he is scheduled as the DJ for the Tango USA Official Festival & Championship 2019, San Francisco, CA and Louisville Tango Festival 2019.


Mario Giattino

A tango lover since 2006. In fact, before being a tango dj, he is basically a tango dancer and this makes him very sensitive to what dancers like. The acclaimed Dj Marcelo Rojas, his mentor of tango music, gave Mario the basic elements to build beautiful tandas and create buena onda . Mario loves to mix traditional tandas with different styles, epoca and different levels of energy, but always watching people on and out the dance floor.

He started playing in his own city, Turin (Italy) and now he has been working in several places in Europe. 

In February - March 2019, Mario will be touring the U.S.A. and Canada along with the prestigious Orquesta Tipica La Juan D’Arienzo getting the great honour of djing along their itinerary.

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Yanira "La Pantera" 

Interdisciplinary practitioner, Yanira Collado brings a unique sensitivity to her role as a tango instructor. Yanira comes qualified with more than than twenty years experience in tango. Equally, her background as an arts education instructor allows her to find technical parallels between visual art and dance. 

Yanira Collado graduated from The New World School of the Arts, Miami, Florida and received a full scholarship to the prestigious The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where she spent many years teaching children and adults with mental and physical disabilities; Little City Foundation, the Shimmy Club and Arts for Learning, Miami.

Yanira was first introduced to Argentine tango while in Chicago and immediately immersed herself in an intense apprenticeship to the dance and its pedagogy. She has studied and taught under a "dizzying array of teachers " in Illinois, Buenos Aires, and Europe. Tango Master Gabriela Gonzales first introduced her to techniques allowing whole body engagement in response to the lead; Yanira built upon this base with other tango masters, Andrea Misse, Leandro Palou and Gabriel Misse, deepening her exploration of the expressive power and strength in the follower's role. Yanira's enthusiasm for tango music led her to start taking on the role of the Disk Jockey (DJ) at many of South Floridas prominent Milongas and is the official house DJ at the MTC Milonga organized by Tango instructor, Mariano Bejarano. 


Trista Brophy

Trista began DJing in 2010 at the Argentine Tango Club at the University of South Florida, and has since DJ’d at events across Florida, Southern California, and in Puerto Rico. Trista currently organizes the Tampa Tango Festathon, Milonga Bohemia, and the Tampa and Gainesville Tango Exchanges. As a DJ, Trista engages dancers by varying the energy and intensity to curate mood and atmosphere for the crowd. She DJs with a wide variety of orchestras from the Golden Age, and more particularly from the Golden Decade of the 1940s. Trista loves rhythmic music and her favorites are D'Arienzo and Biagi.


Alper Üngör 

Alper, originally from Turkey, is a tenured professor of computer science in the college of engineering and an adjunct professor of dance at the school of theater and dance at the University of Florida (UF). He caught the tango bug a little after moving to the sunshine state, and has been the faculty adviser and the primary teacher at the UF Argentine tango club for the last dozen plus years. He has been a community builder, an organizer of numerous fundraiser events, and most proud of his students, UF tango club alumni, now moved to, and dancing (some even teaching) at other corners of the states. Alper has been the resident DJ at UF tango club, and has also been invited to play tango music in various milongas and events in the United States and Europe. His taste for tango music is developed through his participation at hundreds of events in over forty countries he danced at. He continues to enjoy learning more and more about rich tango music history and tradition. When playing at a milonga he likes to make bold and unusual choices that goes with the flow and energy of the dancers in the room both in his tango and cortina selections.


DJ Chuck Hand

Traveling DJ/VJ for the state of Florida for the past 12 years playing the most danceable traditional tango tandas from the 30’s through 50’s as his staple format, but also includes excellent modern day orchestras playing the same great traditional style music of the past.

He is a regular monthly DJ in Stuart, with recurring gigs in Lake Worth and Orlando. Over the years, he has been invited to DJ at many milongas and special events in the greater Miami area, West Palm Beach, and Naples.  In the greater Tampa Bay, where he was a regular DJ for years in Sarasota, he met tanguera, and now lifetime dance partner and wife, Nada Skaf. He has also been a DJ at regional tango marathons in Augusta and Charlotte, and visited Atlanta to DJ at “La Portenia.”

Recently, Chuck has included a very unique video presentation which projects a full song caption information along with random visual art and photos that flows nicely with the music being played. His main goal is to provide a full night of compelling music to make everyone want to stay on the dance floor and leave with a big smiles on their faces and very tired feet!

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Fabiola Castaneda

Mexican native, who lives in South Florida since 1993, discovered tango along with her husband Manny over 20 years ago and fell hard for it! Fabiola teaches with Manny and DJ’s weekly in Pompano Beach at “La Pituca” the milonga they hosts. She began DJing over 10 years ago when La Pituca was born. She learned the basics of DJing from Argentinean DJ’s here and in Buenos Aires, from whom she also got wise advice on DO’s and Don’ts for a successful tango DJ. She inherited a vast tango collection from her husband and over the years has developed a fine ear that allows her to create playlists that keep tangueros on the dance floor yearning for more. A born Gemini, Fabiola gets easily bored and that is a plus as a D, since that makes her keep changing her playlist and exploring inside and outside her collection for yummy tangos to play for her captive audience. Her motto: If your feet are not eager to get up and dance 20 seconds onto a tango, don’t play it! Fabiola favors classic orchestras but is not afraid to sprinkle her playlists from time to time with unique hidden jewels old and new. She is very sensitive to her audience feelings, behaviors and feedbacks and that keeps people from near and far coming to feast on her music every week.